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This guide will guide you through setting up your development environment for building on Sui. You can proceed either by installing Sui locally on your machine (refer to the documentation here on how to do so) or installing Sui on a cloud environment such as Gitpod or Codespaces.

Since installing Sui can be a computationally intensive task for less powerful computers, if you are using such a device, we would recommend using a cloud environment. This guide is primarily focused on providing you with a walkthrough on how to set up a new workspace on Gitpod and configure it for developing on Sui.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to head to our Discord channel, look for the sui-helpdesk forum channel and search for the Set Up Sui Cloud Development Environment post.

Using a Cloud Environment ☁️

For players that’ll be proceeding with a cloud environment (which is our recommended approach), let’s see how we can go about setting that up! As mentioned, we’ll be using Gitpod as our cloud environment.

Firstly, make sure that you have Visual Studio Code (VS Code) installed on your device.


Then, open up your VS Code, open the Extensions tab and search for Gitpod; download the first option.


Next, search for the Remote - SSH extension and download it.